Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Weight Struggle

As most of you know who are my friends, I have fluctuated in weight over the years. It's a major struggle for me, and I figured this may help me get started on losing the weight again. I am currently 150 lbs, and for a 5'0" girl, that's big. I know I can lose the weight but it's more of a "I have to get started first then I'll be fine" thing. I've recently become extremely interested in doing Zumba and found a great deal on Amazon for the dvds. I do have other extenuating circumstances, such as a stomach issue that has been going on for months now. Doctors don't know what it is so I can only wait and hope something is found. Maybe losing weight will help? Who knows... I would appreciate your support as I try to lose weight and I'll keep updating as I go. Thank you. :)


  1. Its not just you Katie its a struggle for alot of people maybe we can try to take the journey together. I had stopped drinking alot of soda's but lately I can't seem to get by a day without one. I know it's just a mind thing but I dont know what else to do

  2. have you tried drinking flavored water? i find that it helps me a lot. the mio flavors are really good and very portable. i actually just ordered the zumba collection so that will be a lot of fun. i'll let you know how that goes lol